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why are you buying?

There are so many answers to this question. It could be for a growing family or you saved enough money for a downpayment and you are ready to buy your first home. It could be an investment property or a vacation home. It is so vital to have a clear definition of why your are buying. In a competitive market Buyers often feel squeezed which forces them to make a rash decision.  Through careful planning and setting realistic expectations we can avoid this. I am not pushy. I am the opposite, I am your advocate to assist you in making a smart and safe decision.

looking at homes

I keep a very open schedule so that when you see something you like we look at immediately. The early bird catches the worm is proven time and time again.  I don’t sell you the property I point out things that may be of concern: an old roof, signs of water damage, etc. With extensive remodeling and design experience I can help you see a homes potential as well as any red flags that might come up!

contract to close

There are so many tools that we use to make your offer strong in a competitive market.  Quite often I get clients under contract when we are NOT the highest offer. Experience in negotiation and rapport with listing agent is vital.  Availability and knowledge go hand and hand with these as well.  Once under contract I support you through the whole transaction. I am your advocate as I take you through every step of the process. I make sure you are protected and always informed. The next thing you know you we will be in your home feeling empowered, proud and most importantly happy.


I will help you define your goals and set realistic timelines

I will inform you on the current market and trends

I will show you how to look at properties and find you a home that fits your criteria

I will be available for advice and support as a well as sounding board,

I will negotiate and guide you through the transaction

I will be your advocate through the entire process

I will empower you so you feel confident in understanding everything that went into your purchase


If you want more information or to chat about finding your home I would love to talk to you about it.


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