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why are you selling?

One of the most important questions for a Seller is why are you selling.  Every scenario is different and it is so important do define these goals. You could be relocating, downsizing or outgrowing your current home. Once this is clear we can navigate the best approach and timelines for selling your home.

preparing the home

Everybody always asks “what should I do to get my house ready for the market” Coming from a family of builders and extensive remodeling experience I have tons of knowledge when it comes to this. Each home and situation is different.  We will go through your home together and decide what needs to be done and if it is cost and time effective. I have an arsenal of designers, sub contractors and other resources for any situation that may arise.

finding a price

This is the most important part of the listing process.  Homes need to be priced correctly relative to market conditions. Our goal is to get in front of as many Buyers as possible. If homes are priced to high they sit on the market and are often “Stigmatized”. In Boulders competitive market it is vital to price homes properly because it often creates competition with multiple Buyers resulting in clean contracts and smooth transactions.


I will help you define your goals and set realistic timelines

I will inform you on the current market and trends

I will work with you on preparing your home for the Market

I will effectively market your property

I will negotiate offers

I will facilitate and coordinate the transaction

I will mitigate problems as they arrive for a smooth transaction

I will be your advocate


If you want more information or to chat about listing your home I would love to talk to you about it.


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