The Sinks

Nick is one of the hardest working people I know.

We had a unique situation in selling our house and Nick made it happen.  He was on top of all the complicated details of making the closing happen smoothly, as well as the negotiations leading up to the final purchase agreement. I was 100% confident that all my bases were covered at closing. He was calm collected and friendly in all our communication.

I am proud to call Nick a friend and business partner, I will definitely be working with him in the future.

I would recommend Nick to anyone buying or selling a house in the Boulder/Frontrange area”

- The Sinks

Adri + Dan

We started the house buying process about 6 months or so before we bought our house in December of 2015. Nick was always there for us. He was always available as a friend and advisor through the process, beginning to the end, of our first time buying a home.

No matter how big or small the question or project we chose to take on during this time, it was all possible because of Nick. He was always working in our best interest, and because of this, we always felt confident in every single decision we had to make up to the day we purchased our new home.

I will always recommend him to anyone in my community who is interested in purchasing a home. He is thorough, professional, easy going. A wonderful real estate agent, and an exceptional friend.

– Adri and Dan



The Whites

Nick Dunbar made the process of buying a home easy, less daunting and even fun!  He is an exemplary agent that we will be recommending to all of our friends and acquaintances for years to come.

My wife and I were looking for a home, but having just moved to Colorado from New York, we were a little hesitant to jump in and wanted to make sure it was the right place. Nick kept up with us; he took us to see every place we found in our price range within hours, while being cautious and cognizant of our needs and concerns. Nick continuously demonstrated his deep knowledge of the real estate market and provided us with all the necessary information needed as we were preparing to purchase our dream home. His easy going attitude made the process simple and his attention to detail kept us from being stressed out. 

Nick will take you to every showing, suggest listings each week, and do it all with a broken leg!

We will be forever grateful for his help in buying our first home.

– The Whites

Kirsten Hartz

Nick's enthusiasm and expertise blew all of my expectations for a real estate agent out of the water.

With his help, I closed on the perfect home faster than I had expected. The same day the house came on the market, he facilitated the process so that no time was wasted - important in the hot  Denver market!

From start to finish, Nick was present, engaged, and knowledgeable. He was consistent and encouraged me to trust my instincts - and absolutely never pushy.

Plus, Nick was a blast to hang out with!

- Kirsten Hartz

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