Farm + Ranch

Sunny Acre Farms

A little about our 9 acre home and farm in Boulder county…


My wife Kat and I have a fantastic large organic garden that we use mostly for private consumption and sharing with friends.  

Food is so important and knowing that our food is local and has a minimum carbon foot print is a huge priority for our family.


We cut our own hay 2-3 times a year and sell to the local feed stores as well as local backyard homesteaders that need a few bales here and there. It also keeps our animals fed and happy!

We have water rights and I burn the ditches and flood irrigate the pasture.  

I have lots of experience with water rights and farm and garden infrastructure.


We have chickens for eggs including our “Easter Eggers” who lay green eggs.

We also raise and breed goats for milk and cheese!

We usually have a few kids for sale in the Spring. You may be able to catch a Goat Yoga class with yours truly as I am completing my Yoga Teacher training.